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Chartres Cathedral Stained and Colored Glass Windows
In architecture some buildings were built with a great awareness of light. New techniques allowed Abt Suger to build many openings in the cathedral of St.Denis near Paris ( 1081-1151), so the cathedral was bathing in a sea of brilliant light. In his view the divine Light brought the images of the stained- glass windows directly to the people attending mass.

My work with daylight resulted in a number of projects where I applied stained and coloured glass. I am influenced by the way light is penetrating through thestained-glass windows in the cathedral of Chartres. See Joost van Santen Daylight Art in Architecture. The cathedral at Chartres (also called Notre Dame as it is dedicated to "Our Lady," or the Virgin Mary) is the most important in the development of the Gothic cathedrals. The cathredal has a great monumentality and lightness of form which increases the thrilling, emotional, and spiritual experience of entering a cathedral. Chartres attains a quality of weightlessness and immateriality as the space, illuminated by stained glass, expands upward and outward. Chartres has been called the "visible soul" of the Middle Ages. Chartres retains most of its original medieval stained glass and is therefore unique. Chartres burned or was destroyed six times and the church represents the final rebuilding with the exception of the westwerk which survived the fire of 1134.